Coolant Test Strips are disposable test strips for measuring the concentration level and condition of Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil coolants used in all types of combustion engines. They effectively test the coolant's concentration as well as the pH level and alkalinity to determine when service of the coolant is necessary.

Coolant Test Strips are designed for use in all closed cooling systems in automotive, commercial, marine, mining, construction and agricultural machinery that use an Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil type coolant.

Coolant Test Strips are suitable for use with all types of Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil coolants including standard and Extended / Long Life coolants whether they contain OAT or Hybrid inhibitor packs.

Coolant Test Strips Coolant Test Strips have 3 indication markers to accurately access the condition of the coolant and to indicate when service of the engine coolant is necessary.


  1. Collect a coolant sample from the system in a clean suitable container (do not use coolant from the overflow bottle unless radiator is not fitted with a cap).
  2. Dip the test strip in the coolant sample for 2 seconds and then shake briskly to remove excess coolant (coolant needs to be below 110° F / 43° C)
  3. Wait 40 seconds and compare the end of the pad Colour to the freeze/boil protection chart on the side of the bottle.
  4. If the first pad colour is between 33% and 50%, no further service is recommended.
  5. Compare the colour of the middle pad (RA) to the Reserve Alkalinity colour chart. If the pad colour is greater than 6.6 then the coolant is OK. If the colour is less than 6.6 then go to next step.
  6. Compare the pad closest to the strip handle (pH) to pH colour chart. If the pad colour is above 6.5 and below 11, the coolant is OK. If the colour is below 6.5 or above 11 then service is recommended.
  7. The colour matching should be concluded within 30 seconds. Times should be followed for colour matching, as too soon or too late, may result in incorrect readings.


CAUTION: Cooling systems and radiators run under pressure. Hot coolant is hazardous and can cause severe burns. Do not remove the radiator cap from a hot engine. Wait until temperature is under 50°C before removing the radiator cap. Failure to wait, may result in personal injury. Remove radiator cap slowly to release pressure and avoid coolant spray.




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Barcode # TSTRIPS
Brand Penrite Oil
Unit Of Measure LTR
Hazmat Yes
Available in Australia;Singapore;New Zealand;India;Sri-Lanka;UAE;Bangladesh

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