MIL-COMM Products Company


Mil-Comm Products Company was formed in 1984 by former U.S. Navy gunnery officer Robert G. Furlong with the specific goal of engineering a new breed of next-generation extreme performance, non-hazardous, lubricants for military and commercial markets.

From its inception, the Company pursued a collaborative relationship with all branches of the U.S. Military, investing significant time and financial resources in R&D project work led by U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard program managers. By fielding veteran, expert weapons engineers to work directly with U.S. Military personnel, Mil-Comm has differentiated itself from other lubricant manufacturers – the Company has consistently taken the long view, engineering and re-engineering its products based on specific criteria provided to it by U.S. military weapons system program managers.

As a result, the company’s core formulation – TW25B® – and its derivatives now play a vital role in the supply mix of extreme performance lubricants currently supporting weapon systems fielded by the U.S. Military and 12 US-Allied Militaries.

The United States Department of Defense has issued the Company 20 NSN’s (National Stock Numbers) for the DoD supply system (with the same numbers also in use as NATO stock numbers).

In 2004 Mil-Comm was awarded a highly selective, “Ten-year, Sole-source Requirements Contract” for four of its extreme performance lubricants by the Defense Department’s Defense Logistics Agency.

In 2006, Mil-Comm was awarded a Gold Medal for exceptional supply service and reliability from The U.S. Defense Department’s Defense Supply Center.

Mil-Comm Products Company continues to build on its historically strong relationship with the U.S. Military through a combination of continuing product development, field testing and next-generation solutions. 

Mil-Comm is a leading provider of specialty lubricants to defense forces in Asia, Europe and North America.