Holt International LLC

Screw and Bolt Removal and Tool-Friction Enhancer
“Get a grip, with E-Z Grip Friction Drops©. Proudly Made in the USA”

About Holt International manufactures of EZ Grip Friction Drops© since 1997, a High Positive Friction (HPF) modifier that increases the coefficient of friction between objects. This unique compound is generally used during fastener installation and removal processes as well as tool to part applications where increased stiction is desirable.

Bolts Removal/Insertion
Place two or three drops on the bolt head or the wrench or the socket. Spread it around on the inside of the socket or wrench or the leading edge of the fastener. Wiggle the tool while at the same time applying pressure until you feel a good bite. Cocking the tool slightly to get the proper grip is OK. Maintain the pressure and twist it in or out.

EZ Grip Friction Drops© come in three variants 
- Aircraft Grade Friction Drops© focused on the needs of the Aerospace Industries 
- Marine Grade Friction Drops© focused on the needs of the Marine Industries
- Commercial Grade Friction Drops© ideal for home or factory use to remove worn screw removal and bolt removal

ASG Kuber is Exclusive Distributor for the product above three variants of product